Dance Central 2 Roundup

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
When Dance Central 2 was announced at E3 back in June, there were barely any details released with it. All that we could confirm was that the tracks from the previous game,, could be imported into the sequel, and that local multiplayer would involve side-by-side dancing. DanceKinection managed to get themselves a hands-on (or hands-off) preview of the game, and here is the roundup of the details known so far.

Players will get to try out approximately 1700 dance moves, the majority of which are brand new. Although the game will play similarly to Dance Central on the lower difficulties, it will be more challenging for players on the Hard difficulty setting. The new moves are more likely to be encountered on the higher difficulty settings, and the game will include "level change" moves, which will ask players "to do things like hit the floor with your hand and come back up."


Harmonix haven't confirmed the number of characters that will be in Dance Central 2. Two new characters that have been confirmed are Glitch and Bodie, but other new anonymous characters have appeared in previous screenshots too.



Three characters that have been confirmed to be returning are Mo, Emilia and Taye.

Mo with Glitch
Mo and Glitch



Although she hasn't actually been confirmed as returning, Aubrey has appeared on the box art for the game, so we'll assume that she will be a player character too.

The campaign mode will contain a more prominent story than the hints that passed for a story mode in Dance Central. The main characters will be separated into "dance crews". Jon Carter, one of the game's producers, has implicated that players will join each dance crew so that they can learn the dance styles and their background as the campaign progresses. In the screenshot below, Bodie and Emilia are wearing similar outfits, as are their backing dancers. The same can be said for Mo and Glitch above, implying that the screenshots show a couple of the dance crews in action.

Dance Crew

Dance Central was one of the launch games when Kinect was released, and so that the game could be released on time, the multiplayer part of the game became a low priority. Now that Harmonix has had more time to get used to the equipment, the developer has implemented simultaneous multiplayer into the sequel. New gold flashcards (as seen below) have been introduced into the game, and indicate bonus sequences. If both players carry out these moves correctly, you will be rewarded with a score bonus. Players will also be able to drop-in and drop-out seamlessly.

Side by Side

One of the multiplayer modes from the first game, Dance Battle, will be upgraded in the sequel. Players will now have to trade off multiple times throughout the song, and there will be sections where both players will have to dance at the same time. Further details on this mode are yet to be revealed, and we'll be sure to update you when we know more.

Dance Battle

Finally, the Break It Down mode has also received more attention from Harmonix. Instead of having to go through the moves of the entire song, players can now select the moves on which they want to focus, both before the song and during the break it down mode. If players want to skip moves or slow things down, this can be done using gestures or the new addition of voice commands.

A release date for Dance Central 2 is yet to be revealed.
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