Microsoft is dishing out free Xbox gift cards to celebrate the Xbox Spring Sale

By Sean Carey,
Microsoft is once again dishing out free Xbox gift cards to celebrate the Xbox Spring Sale. Reports from across the internet suggest that select users across varying regions are receiving messages from Xbox Live in their inboxes containing a free code, so be sure to check yours!

As noted by Wario 64 on Twitter, users in the US are receiving $10 gift cards, but we've also seen $5 cards being handed out. Some users in the EU are also receiving freebies as well as those in the UK. To see if you've been chosen by the Xbox gods, check your inbox on either your Xbox console or on the Xbox mobile app for a message similar to the one pictured above. Usually, these free gift cards are reserved for accounts that are either new or haven't bought anything from the Microsoft Store in a while, so if you have a second Xbox Live account, be sure to check that one too.

If you've received a free Xbox gift card, let us know how much and what region you're from in the comments below!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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