Mass Effect Legendary Edition achievements have been overhauled

By Sean Carey,
With Mass Effect Legendary Edition set to launch next month, EA has now detailed what gameplay changes and improvements have been made to the remastered trilogy. Players can expect "snappier" combat, various quality of life improvements, and some reworked achievements.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

In a new blog post, EA says that "achievements across the trilogy have been updated," so don't go into the compilation expecting a copy-paste of all three previous achievement lists. Some new achievements have been added, some have either been streamlined into one or removed completely, and others have had "their objectives/descriptions and/or names updated." Progress for some achievements will also carry across all three games, with EA giving the example of killing 250 enemies across the trilogy.

Another area where BioWare has made improvements is to Mass Effect's combat. In the first game of the trilogy, accuracy, reticle bloom, and weapon sway have been "tuned across all weapons to allow players to maintain more consistent firepower while still managing their shots/overheat meter." The aiming down sights camera view has been made tighter, and aim assist has also been improved. Abilities have also been rebalanced in the first game, Shepard can sprint out of combat, melee attacks are now mapped to a button, and any class can use weapons without penalty.

Other gameplay improvements include the ability to command squadmates independently in the first Mass Effect, boss fights and enemies have been tweaked, additional cover has been added to some encounters, XP has been rebalanced in the first game, and the Mako's handling and camera controls have all been reworked.

You can view the extensive list of changes included over on the EA website.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches on May 14th.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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