Sonic Colors remaster coming to Xbox, according to French retailer

By Tom West,
Sonic Colors Remastered was reportedly spotted on a German voice-over studio’s portfolio, followed by an Xbox One listing on a French retailer’s site.

Sonic Colors Remastered appears on two different websites

The news comes via Gematsu, which reported that the German voice-over studio Iksample had listed Sonic Colors Remastered in its portfolio. The listing apparently surfaced in late December 2020. Shortly after, another reference was found on French retail site Sogamely, listing the game as Sonic Colors Ultimate for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. This showed an expected release window of 2021 and a price of €34.99. At the time of writing, Iksample's site is down for maintenance and Sogamely has removed the listing, but we'll let you know if anything surfaces in the future.

Sonic Colors originally released on the Nintendo Wii and DS in 2010, and has the speedy blue hedgehog once again thwarting Dr. Eggman’s plans for world domination. Dr. Eggman has built an amusement park in space and abducted a colourful alien race known as Wisps to extract their energy to fuel his plan. Sonic must use the Wisps' energy to uncover the secrets of the theme park and put an end to Dr. Eggman’s plans.

Did you play Sonic Colors back in the day, and would you be down to play a remaster on Xbox? Let us know below!
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