Gears POP! final update before server closure drops April 15th [updated]

By Sean Carey,
Update: The final Gears POP! update is now live. Good luck to everyone grinding out the completion. As a reminder, servers for Gears POP! close on April 26th.

Original Story: The Coalition has announced that the final Gears POP! update will roll out to players on April 15th, making some of the game's achievements much easier to pop. However, it seems some achievements may be discontinued a day early.

GearsPOP!Gears POP! update

The final set of patch notes has been uploaded to the Gears forum by The Coalition's senior community manager, TC Shauny. The changes are related to the store and reduce the Crystal cost of the Special Offer Bundle and numerous Gears Packs. The number of coins and pins have been increased in these packs too.

TC Shauny also notes that when the game's final season ends on April 24th, all players will be reset to "one shared PvP pool/tier to last for the final 1.5 days, just so you can all go crazy." This could mean the League Rookie and the League Legend achievements might be discontinued earlier than the actual server closure date. If that is the case, and you've already unlocked League Legend by reaching the Gold league, Seriously POP! should still be obtainable. Otherwise, it might be unavailable in those remaining days. Here is the full list of patch notes taken directly from the Gears forums:

Gears POP! final update patch notes

Store changes

  • ‘Special Offer’ Store Bundle (this is the main bundle that currently exists and costs 800 Crystals) - now costs just 10 Crystals. Coins in this pack are increased to 25,000 (from 10k)
  • STU Gear Pack - costs 25 Crystals (down from 250) - all coins and pins increased
  • BUDD-e - costs 75 Crystals (from 750) - all coins and pins increased
  • MAX - costs 200 Crystals (from 2500) - all coins and pins increased
At the end of the final season on 24th April 23:59:59, we’ll be resetting you all to one shared PvP pool/tier to last for the final 1.5 days, just so you can all go crazy.
Servers for Gears POP! will close on April 26th. Good luck to all those still grinding their way through the game's achievement list.
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