King of Fighters XIII Gameplay Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Ask any fighting game junkie and they will say that The King of Fighters XII was a disappointment. SNK-Playmore promised they would do better for King of Fighters XIII with more fighters, a less zoomed in camera and new, more dynamic moves for each and every fighter. Do you, the die hard fighting game fan, think this trailer delivers?

Personally, I am always happy seeing Kim go nuts with those kicks. You can tell that the combo system is remaining the same but there are some noticeable new moves on display from the old fighters. Mai's Super Ninja Bee being blocked and then countered with another super reflects exactly 100% of my Capcom vs. SNK matches using her.

Billy Kane has also been confirmed as joining the cast, though he is noticeably absent from the trailer.

King of Fighters XIII will be released in the US on October 25th and two days later on October 27th in Japan. There has been no mention of an EU release.