Xbox Reference In Windows 8 Source Code [RUMOUR]

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
OK, so it has already been rumoured that Microsoft want to bring some kind of Xbox LIVE functionality into Windows 8, but the eager eyes over at Engadget have spotted something on an Italian Windows 8 dedicated website. Something which may shed some light on exactly what Ballmer's programmers may be thinking.

Here's a screenshot of that exact slice of code from under the hood of the Operating System:

External image

So what could this direct reference of Xbox 360 point to? Comments across the net speculate widely to Windows 8 being able to handle Xbox 360 discs. Perhaps there will be some kind of remote control between the two pieces of hardware to allow better streaming capabilities between the two?

Whatever it might be, this would appear to evidence that Microsoft are forging ahead with their plans. This seems not to be a fragment of recycled code, as why would a programmer be porting software level code from the Xbox to a Windows platform? It doesn't add up.

Come January of 2012, Ballmer is set to make a keynote speech with specific reference to Windows 8, so the mystery may perhaps be unravelled here.