Hitman 3 update to fix broken achievements and challenges

By Sean Carey,
IO Interactive is rolling out a new update for Hitman 3 today that prepares the game for Season of Pride and makes fixes to a bunch of challenges and achievements.

Patch 3.30 introduces fixes for the following challenges: Cleaning Up (Colorado), Electric Boogie (Marrakesh, HBoS), Urine For It (Sapienza, Landslide), Estate Wines (Mendoza), and Got My Boomstick (Carpathian Mountains). This means the Train Surfing achievement, which asks you to complete all Untouchable challenges on the Carpathian Mountains missions, should now unlock correctly. IOI says the update also fixes The Bullet Train achievement, which hasn't been popping for some players since a previous update in March.

Aside from the challenge and achievement fixes, the update adds a new graphics option to the game on Xbox One X and Xbox One S that lets you pick between 'High Quality' or 'High Framerate' modes, tweaks the lighting for some of the locations in Hitman and Hitman 2, NPCs will now use "the more logical choice" when it comes throwing up and will now chunder in a toilet rather than a trash can, and Agent 47's slaphead will no longer poke out the top of the Arkian Tuxedo suit.

There are a bunch more fixes detailed in Patch 3.30's patch notes, which can be read over on the Hitman 3 website.

Patch 3.30 rolls out later today at 9am ET / 6am PT / 2pm BST and is approximately 3.5GB on all platforms.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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