Another Returning Character Revealed for SSX

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The roster of ten characters for SSX now only contains four remaining spots. Elise Riggs, Mac Fraser, Kaori Nishidake, Moby Jones and Psymon Stark had already been confirmed before today, but now Zoe Payne has joined the crew. After carving out a second pro career in the sport of motorcross, Zoe joins the SSX members to "defy reality" and "own the planet". Her comic book reveal can be read here until she receives her own trailer.

Talking of trailers, Mac Fraser had already received his own cinematic trailer and a comic book. That comic book has now been made into a trailer:

Psymon Stark was the last of the five to be confirmed at the start of this month. His comic book has also now been made into a trailer:

The comic book trailers can be found here for Elise Riggs, and here for Moby Jones and Kaori Nishidake.

SSX is due to be released in January 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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