Toy Soldiers HD launches on Xbox in August

By Tom West,
Signal Studios is bringing the joy of tabletop warfare to Xbox in August with the return of Toy Soldiers HD. The remaster will include all of the game’s original DLC, as well as new levels to play on.

Originally published by Xbox Game Studios and released on Xbox 360, Toy Soldiers allowed players to relive the childlike fantasies of playing with little plastic soldiers and creating their own imaginary battlefield. Well, now Signal Studios is ensuring that we can experience those fantasies all over again, this time in more detail. Toy Soldiers HD will be published by Accelerate Games and released in August, fully remastered. You'll be able to enjoy the feeling of top-down strategy, placing your soldiers and then heading down to the battlefield to take control and push your way to victory. The game features a single-player campaign that relives WWI battles and a multiplayer mode to go head-to-head with your friends. Don’t worry if you’ve already played the game, as Signal Studios says that this remaster also features new levels, giving you something fresh to enjoy.

Will you be playing Toy Soldiers HD when it releases in August? Let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
Tom has been playing video games since he was old enough to hold a controller, experimenting with a number of systems until he eventually fell in love with Xbox. With a passion for the platform, he decided to make a career out of it, and now happily spends his days writing about that which he loves. If he’s not hunting for Xbox achievements, you’ll likely find him somewhere in The Elder Scrolls Online or fighting for survival in Battlefield.
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