Driver: San Francisco Single Player Video

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The cars in Driver San Francisco have received a lot of attention recently with their own trailer and a complete list for those petrol heads amongst you. The most recent video now focuses on the single player mode, and gives you a detailed "drive-thru" of the things that gamers can expect to encounter.

For those of you who can't watch the trailer, here's a transcript of the commentary:

Driver: San Francisco is a high-speed innovative return to the classic modern driving franchise. Live the legend of the master driver as you take on the role of Detective John Tanner, cruising your own path through the massive open-world San Francisco setting to catch you nemesis, Charles Jericho.

Experience high-stake cinematic driving moments that leave trails of smoking burnt rubber and debris in your rear-view mirror. At its core, Driver: San Francisco is all about the driving: huge powerslides, 180's and burnouts, and nobody does it better than Tanner.

Each new game chapter is divided into story and city main missions. Story missions are directly linked to Tanner's investigation in pursuit of Jericho. City missions give you the opportunity to solve other crimes, save lives, and maybe even create a little havoc along the way.

Tanner's investigation will take him deep into Jericho's seemingly random campaign of crime. Using Shift to stay in the action, race across town and locate your target after receiving a desperate 911 call; foil a robbery from a police helicopter... but how is it all connected? Slowly Jericho's master scheme begins to emerge and you'll have to stay one step ahead at all times.

Having a city full of cars will help. Check out Driver: San Francisco's rides with over 120 licensed cars, old-school legendary muscle super cars and contemporary classics, each powered by a unique physics engine designed to tear up the street. Shake things up by developing special abilities like Boost and Ram, designed to make your car move faster and smash harder.

Wheel power is the currency of Driver: San Francisco. You'll earn it by completing missions, challenges and dares, and can use it to unlock new abilities, cars, challenges and garages, which will allow you to repair your vehicles on the fly, as well as fast travel across the map.

And if that's not enough to keep you busy, throughout the city you'll find hotspots full of action for the truly fearless. You can race against other drivers through the curves of Lombard Street, or help out the local law enforcement by shifting into a cop car to pursue criminals on the run. You can also hop to the other side of the law to antagonise the man with a little get away action.

Challenges will push your abilities to the limit. Without the use of Shift, you'll have to rely on pure driving skills to complete races across the Golden Gate Bridge, perform heart-stopping drifts through Chinatown, or smash your enemies into submission; and if you're paying attention, you'll find movie tokens hidden throughout the city that will unlock special missions inspired by classic TV and movie car chases.

But don't forget, there's a mad man on the loose. Jericho clearly has a plan and you'd best figure it out and stop it fast before more people get hurt. The path is yours to choose, and it's a big city out there, so strap in and hold on - we're going for a ride!
Driver: San Francisco is due to be released on August 30th in North America and September 2nd in Europe. A release date is yet to be confirmed for Australia.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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