Prison Architect: Second Chances launches next month, offering inmates a brighter future

By Tom West,
Double Eleven is expanding the prisoner reforming system in Prison Architect with the ‘Second Chances’ expansion next month. The add-on will allow players to offer inmates new rehabilitation programs in the hopes of reintegrating them into society.

If you’ve been playing Prison Architect and thought your inmates could do with more ways to rebuild their lives, you’ll be pleased to know that the ‘Second Chances’ expansion aims to do just that. You’ll be able to offer your inmates new ways to reform their lives through rehabilitation programs such as civilian socialising and conflict resolution classes. These programs will need to be monitored closely as reoffending inmates will cost you dearly when sending them back to prison, but those that show positive behavioural changes can be offered a chance at a sentence reduction.

Prison Architect: Second Chances is slated to release on June 16th and features:
  • Good Behaviour: If your inmates show positive behaviour, you’ll be able to put them forward for a sentence reduction, but those that re-offend will be sent back to prison at a cost to the player.
  • Room for Improvement: Allow inmates to become vendors for the other prisoners and visitors through Restaurants, Bakeries, and Therapy Room if they have work credentials.
  • Return to Reform: Remove inmates' negative traits and see improved behaviour through Former Prisoner Classes, Meet & Greets, and Animal Therapy.
  • Back to Society: Give prisoners a chance to earn work credentials through experience by taking part in work and training programs.
Will you be stepping back into the shoes of a Prison Warden to give your inmates a better chance at turning their lives around? Let us know down below!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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