Two Worlds II: Velvet GOTY Edition Coming

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Time to get excited, RPG fans, because will have an upcoming Velvet Game of the Year Edition which will include the upcoming expansion "Pirates of the Flying Fortress"!

This GOTY Edition will come in a limited collector’s box wrapped in red velvet (PC users get it wrapped in black velvet... and a little boy's smile) highlighted with metal corners made to look like antique brass. You read that right... antique brass!

The press release goes on to detail the Velvet Game of the Year Edition with the following:

Along with the multi-lingual version of TWII, this collector’s item also comes with all of the up-to- date upgrades. Additional extras include a huge double-sided world map and a valuable pirate head pin collectable, which subsequently is also available in-game! This exclusive item actually boosts the player’s parameters if hefted to armor! Together with another bonus disc containing artwork, wallpaper, videos, an extended soundtrack and two additional PvP multiplayer maps. More Antaloor simply isn’t possible!
Finally, TopWare Interactive released some very shiny pictures of the Velvet Edition.

External image

External image

The Two Worlds II Velvet Game of the Year Edition will be available October 18th.
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