Ooblets gets new Port Forward region with next week's update

By Heidi Nicholas,
Ooblets is getting a whole new region to explore when the Port Forward update arrives next week on June 12th, bringing with it new Ooblets, new clothes, new furniture, and more. Check out the brief Port Forward trailer below:

Ooblets is steaming along its Early Access roadmap, with next week's update bringing the long-awaited Port Forward as a new region to visit. We get a glimpse of it in the trailer above, but we don't yet know much about what we'll be up to — Glumberland is presumably saving a full reveal for Ooblets' appearance in next week's Wholesome Direct event. We do have a clue, however: when we spoke to Glumberland’s Ben Wasser, he mentioned that Port Forward will do things "a bit different" in terms of progression, adding that it’s “less about dance battles and more about a series of mini-games.”

We also know a little about the new Ooblets arriving with Port Forward. Both Angkze — the sad-looking dollop in the red cowboy boots — and Quabbo — the small green chameleon-like creature zooming around in the trailer — were announced via a little introductory tweet. Ooblets is nearing the end of its time in Early Access, with a full launch planned for late 2021 or early 2022, but we still have a few new regions arriving before then. One arrives in late 2021, and one arrives with the full launch of the game. There's not much info on these yet, although Wasser did tell us they “will be different again from what we've done in the past.”

Port Forward arrives for Ooblets next week, on June 12th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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