XBLA Wednesday: May 20, 2009

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
This week brings us two new intriguing arcade titles. Both will be available this Wednesday in the early morning as usual, 1 AM Pacific Time (08:00 GMT) for 800 MSP each.

Blazing Birds
"Compete in the sport of robot Badminton. Challenge sixty computer controlled opponents over three levels of difficulty. Invite your friends to play multiplayer matches or Round Robin tournaments with up to twenty players. The unique control scheme allows for blazing fast action and responsive control. Score points using a variety of shots such as “smash”, “drop”, and “clear” using either manual or automatic aiming. Unleash seven deadly power shots including “Meteor Strike”, “Firecracker”, “Hyperspace”, “Lightning Bolt”, “Dragon Flight”, “Hunting Season”, and “Wormhole”. Only the best will face Signum IV."
Official Link - http://www.vector2games.com/blazingbirds.htm

Gel: Set and Match
"Gastronaut Studios LLC, the award-winning developer of video games for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, today unveiled its latest title “Gel: Set & Match”, featuring character-based puzzle-action gameplay.

With goopy grace and colorful characters, “Gel” delivers a novel experience that mingles brain-bending puzzles with intense side-scrolling action. Players control kooky, customizable characters to compete or cooperate for points by matching four or more wiggly, wobbly colored blocks. When blocks are matched, they dissolve. Tossing melting blocks into other blocks creates chain reactions for even bigger bonuses.

“Gel” offers three distinct game modes in which to raise a ruckus. In Puzzle Mode, players tackle challenges designed to test their mettle. In Action Mode, players rush to defend a tank by clearing debris from the field. In Battle Mode, players engage in arena combat, armed only with a will to survive… and exploding, gelatinous bombs. Each mode provides online competitive and cooperative play over Xbox LIVE."

Official Link - http://www.gastronautstudios.com/2009/02/19/wiggle-and-wobbl...

Anyone interested?

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