Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Contest: Win an Xbox Series X simply by unlocking achievements

By Sean Carey,
It appears that Microsoft is running yet another Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Contest where Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can win one of five Xbox Series X consoles simply by unlocking achievements in select sports games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Contest win one of five Xbox Series X consoles

Once again, Microsoft has not announced anything regarding this competition — Ultimate Contests, in the past, have suddenly appeared on users' dashboards without any fanfare from Microsoft. We expect this is again the case, but this time, none of us here at TA can get the contest to show up on our consoles. Instead, we've found the official rules for the June contest from the Microsoft website, which states the competition began on the first of this month.

The contest went live on June 1st at 12:01 am PT and runs until June 30th, 11:59 pm PT and is only open to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers located in the US, UK, Canada (not Quebec, though!), Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. To win one of the five grand prizes of an Xbox Series X console, you'll need to play any of the games included in the Game Pass 'Sports collection' and be one of the five players who unlocked the most Gamerscore in titles from the Sports collection during June.

The rules also note that only achievements unlocked on an Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S count. In the event of a tie, the player who "achieved the highest score first" will be awarded a console.

As we don't have access to the contest on our dashboards, we also don't have access to the definitive list of games included in the Sports collection. However, we have managed to find a Sports collection list over on the Microsoft Store that is comprised of games included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Although we are somewhate confident this will be the definitive list of sports titles for June's Ultimate Contest, bear in mind that this could change. We'll update this story when we get confirmation. Also, for some bizarre reason, Microsoft classes Goat Simulator as a sports game. Weird, right?

Xbox Game Pass Sports collection

Much like previous UItimate Contests, Microsoft has not set up any sort of leaderboard system where you can view your standings in the competition (as far as we know). We are currently in the process of creating our own leaderboard and expect to have something up shortly.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Contest began on June 1st and runs until 11:59 pm PT on June 30th. You can check out the full set of rules here. Good luck!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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