Minecraft Dungeons hits 11.5 million unique players in its first year

By Sean Carey,
Minecraft Dungeons is celebrating its one-year anniversary and Mojang Studios has marked the occasion by revealing a bunch of interesting stats about the blocky dungeon crawler.

Minecraft Dungeons crossplay

The studio revealed that Minecraft Dungeons has seen 11.5 million unique players from 232 countries and territories jump into the game. This is an increase of 1.5 million players when compared to figures reported in February. Mojang Studios also notes that players have beaten the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty 1.4 million times and that the most equipped items and weapons are the Double Axe, Rapid Crossbow, Mystery Armor, and the Death Cap Mushroom. Here are a few more interesting player stats:
  • 1,586,239,178,178,095 Damage done
  • 107,513,819,581,867 Damage taken
  • 1,177,182,684 Health Potions used
  • 13,101,256,799 Items used
  • 527,014,211 TNT thrown
  • 419,311,294,165 blocks walked
Sadly, Mojang Studios didn't include any achievement-related stats in its announcement. You can view the rest of the stats over on the Minecraft website.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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