Multiple E3 Xbox game demos playable this week [updated]

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update 2: Microsoft has confirmed that over 40 demos for upcoming unreleased games for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One will be playable from June 15th, running through to June 21st. A full list will be published closer to June 15th.

Update: Geoff Keighley confirmed during Summer Game Fest that Microsoft is holding a special ID@Xbox demo event that begins on Tuesday, June 15th. All demos will be free to play, including Tunic, which was also confirmed as part of the demo event.

Once we get a definitive list of games included in the demo event we will update you further.

Original Story: A number of demos set to drop during E3 have just been picked up by our scanners, including a few which have been pulled forward to arrive sooner: demos for Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four, Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room, Wreckout, and Sable are all set to arrive in the next few days, suggesting that we could get some more demos dropping during E3.

June 15th



Description: Embark on a unique and unforgettable journey and guide Sable through her Gliding; a rite of passage that will take her across vast deserts and mesmerizing landscapes, capped by the remains of spaceships and ancient wonders. Explore the dunes on your hoverbike, scale monumental ruins and encounter other nomads as you unearth mysteries long forgotten and discover who she really is behind her mask. With its unique art style and original soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast, envelop yourself in Sable’s world and explore everything at your own pace. There is a lot in this world just waiting to be discovered. Do not be afraid. Take the leap.



Description: Get ready to Wreck Out as you spin & fling your way to brick-busting glory. Smash & grab power ups, unleash your character's devastating ultimate ability, and compete head-to-head in knockout arena play.

Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four


Description: You are a dark wizard who shouldn't have tinkered with magic and spells way too powerful for you. But you did. And this time you messed up really bad: You've unleashed The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their minions upon the World! Well done... So hurry, grab your magical cards and send them all back to their hellish dimension before the Apocalypse destroys everyone and everything - and much more importantly, before the old wizard council discovers what you have done...

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room


Description: Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room is an interactive movie based on Ian Livingstone's multi-million selling classic gamebook. Become the adventurer on their quest to the Golden Room. As the Brave Adventurer faces many foes, you must tread carefully on your quest through to the Golden Room. Face the Trial-Master of the Dungeon Vhaidra and her tricks and traps as she tests your skill. Beware of the Bloodbeast lurking behind any door. Decide wisely, or find yourself in a Deathtrap.



Tunic is an action-adventure about a tiny fox in a big world. Explore the wilderness, discover spooky ruins, and fight terrible creatures from long ago.
We've picked up a few other demos that could be related, and we'll continue to update this list if and when more demos pop up on our scanners. In the meantime, what's caught your eye so far? Let us know in the comments!
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