BioWare Reveals New Mass Effect 3 Character

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
In a story so good that our Twitter Feed couldn't hold it (you do follow us, don't you?), the Executive Producer of Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson, tweeted out a picture of a new character for the upcoming trilogy finale.

Meet James Vega, a human Systems Alliance soldier.

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The "role" of Vega is to step into the shoes of gamers who might not be familiar with the Mass Effect franchise. With that in mind, expect him to ask a lot of questions and be given a lot of answers... answers that you'll probably know if you've played Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2.

While the immediate feedback for Vega was/is pretty negative from gamers, Hudson sent out a tweet this morning that explains BioWare's feelings on the character:

Enjoyed your first impressions of Vega! We have fun with our ensemble casts: chars are designed to be loved by some players but not all.
Mass Effect 3 is slated for a March 6th, 2012 release in the United States and a March 9th release in the UK.
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