July's Recently Reduced

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Last month's discount wasn't too shabby as we saw a permanent 50% reduction of https://www.trueachievements.com/Polar-Panic-xbox-360.htm and Aqua: Naval Warfare. This month, we get a previously reduced game (not reduced again, by the way) and two pieces of DLC.

Gatling Gears - 1200 MSP 800 MSP
When the Empire begins its reign of destruction in a thirst for natural resources, it’s up to Max Brawley, a retired Gatling Gear pilot, to stop them. Together with his niece and his trusty Gatling Gear unit he must fight his way to the heart of the Empire and eliminate the destruction at its source.
Download link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/Product/Gatling-Gears/66acd000-7...

Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Pack - 560 MSP 320 MSP
Download the Red Faction®: Guerrilla™ Multiplayer Pack and dismantle the opposition in two new multiplayer modes and eight new maps. In Bagman, players scores points by securing the “bag” and taking out their opponents. Increase the carnage in Team Bagman, where the same rules apply, but players are forced to utilize teamwork and guerrilla tactics to eliminate the opposition. Experience a constant sense of vertigo in the new map Puncture, or smash your way through Remnant where the density of destruction is higher than any other multiplayer level.
Download link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/Product/Red-Faction-Guerrilla-Mu...

Demons of the Badlands for Red Faction: Guerrilla - 800 MSP 400 MSP
Break free and experience the all new single player game in this prequel chapter of the Red Faction universe. Mariner Valley, the once peaceful home of the Marauder people, has been torched and defiled by the EDF. The Marauders demand vengeance and Samanya leads the revolt. Set several years before the arrival of Alec Mason on Mars, take control of Samanya to explore the Mariner Valley outside of Tharsis. Exact your revenge with 7 all new weapons including the Spiker machine gun and Marauder Missilepod, and 3 new vehicles including the Punisher walker. Perfect your guerrilla tactics with 11 new actions including raids and demolitions. Show off your skills with 10 new unlockable achievements. Take control and lead the Marauder revolution.
Download link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/Product/Red-Faction-Guerrilla-De...
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