"Roguelite firefighting platformer" Firegirl launches for consoles later this year

By Heidi Nicholas,
Firegirl, a "roguelite firefighting platformer" about a world full of "living fire-monsters," has just been revealed during Guerrilla Collective — check out the trailer here.

"Take on the role of a young rescue officer starting her career. Armed with a trusty axe and high-pressure fire hose that also acts like a jetpack, Firegirl responds to emergency calls across the city. Can Firegirl save all the trapped civilians caught in each blaze?"

Over on the game's Steam page, we learn a little more info. You'll have only a few minutes to save those in danger from the flames, progressing through procedurally generated levels, and "extinguishing dastardly pyro-monsters." In your downtime, you'll be hanging out at the Firehouse to upgrade your stuff, hire some backup, pay bills, and more.

That Steam page gives a release date of 29th October, but there hasn't yet been confirmation that it'll launch for consoles on the same day. While we wait to hear more, what do you think of Firegirl? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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