Ubisoft announces subscription-based Rocksmith+, coming this year

By Luke Albigés,
Ubisoft has announced that guitar learning tool Rocksmith will be returning later this year, with a new subscription-based release called Rocksmith+ coming to console, PC, and mobile.

The learning platform will now take the form of a subscription service, with a vast amount of songs planned for launch. New modes will allow you to learn simple chord progressions or follow accurate tablature rather than using the game's own charting system, while beginner and intermediate players will apparently be better catered for via improved tuition tools for entry-level shredders.

The mobile version can use a device's microphone to pick up your play, but it's unclear how the console versions will work — you'll still be able to connect your guitar to your Xbox, it seems, although it appears that the same mobile functionality may also work with other versions of the game. We'll keep you posted once we work it all out.

No pricing or release date has yet been announced, but you can register for the PC beta starting today if you want to get an early look at the next iteration of Rocksmith.
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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