Xbox & Bethesda Showcase reveals snowboarding open-worlder Shredders

By Tom West,
The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase brought us an announcement trailer for the Xbox Series X|S snowboarding game, Shredders. You’ll be able to take to the slopes on day one with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Yesterday's Xbox & Bethesda Showcase was filled with action-packed titles, almost all of which are coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Amongst them was Shredders, a new snowboarding game by developer FoamPunch, which offers the ability to pull off complicated tricks with simple dual-stick controls. The team says that Shredders will have professional snowboarders making an appearance, and that we can expect announcements on that front in the coming months.

You’ll take to the snow in an open-world environment that’s one massive mountain range, inspired by real world locations. There are off-piste adventures alongside hand-sculpted parks and urban environments, so it sounds like it’ll have plenty of variety when it comes to exploration. You won’t be alone on this adventure, thanks to multiplayer being a core element of the game. Most of the other riders on the mountain will be other players, so you’ll have the choice to ride solo, chill with some mates, or unleash your competitive side.

We can expect to see Shredders launch straight into Xbox Game Pass when it releases this December on Xbox Series X|S. Will you be taking on the slopes to become a snowboarding legend? Let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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