Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube event begins today

By Heidi Nicholas,
Patch 1.8.0 lands today for Marvel's Avengers, bringing with it the Cosmic Cube Event with its new Beating the Odds Villain Sector.

Marvel's Avengers

You can check out the patch notes in full over on the Marvel's Avengers site, but one of the biggest items is this Cosmic Cube Event and Beating the Odds. "Following trails of Cosmic energy, the Avengers track down Monica’s secret weapon: the Cosmic Cube. The Scientist Supreme is harnessing its power for an imperfect future, so it is up to the Avengers to stop her. Beating the Odds is a new Villain Sector that includes a villain fight unlike any other."

Later this week, we have the Cosmic Threat Event, which kicks off on June 24th. "The Cosmic Threat Event will have altered missions that will have you scouring the world in different Threat Sectors all the while being imbued with Cosmic energy that packs quite the mean punch." The third new feature in Patch 1.8.0 is that you'll only need four Heroic Gauntlets to complete the Mega Hive, instead of eight.

Will you be checking in for the Cosmic Cube or Cosmic Threat events? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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