Windows Phone 7 Releases: July 20th, 2011

By Suyomizzle, 7 years ago
Make your way outside of your creator in this interesting looking platformer.

Tentacles (WP) - $4.99 - £3.99
Tap the screen in Tentacles and experience 40 finger breaking levels, amazing boss fights and marvel at the truly ground breaking and intuitive gameplay. Think fast move smart, keep eating. Enemies stand in your way and you must rip out their eyeballs as you attempt to defeat mad scientist Dr. Phluff. Where will this final battle take place? Have a guess. Nope, not even close!! Dr. Phluff has always meddled with the order of nature and this time he sought to create the cutest animal ever conceived. He failed. In a disastrous but not entirely unexpected turn of events his experiment was a catastrophe and he created a being of darkness. Black, heartless and with zero desire to be nice, kind, or worse of all cute. Yes, he created YOU!A slimy black blob with three tentacles, a claw, and a never ending appetite for eyeballs. Tentacles is a completely new take on the platform genre. Use your tentacles to make your way through Dr. Phluff. Yes, that's right, you're actually inside him. It is a ghoulish and ghastly world inhabited by other genetically modified monsters created by Dr. Phluff's experiments. Guess what, they're all hungry and you just made the menu. Use your tentacle skills to outrun Dr. Phluff's acid attacks and face off against bad-ass creatures in awesome boss battles.
In addition to the new release this week, it's worth mentioning that in the UK it appears that all games in the £2.49 price tier have been reduced to £2.29. This includes hits like Angry Birds and geoDefense. There's been no price reduction in the US marketplace.
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