FIFA 22 gameplay and features rumours keep on coming

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Extra details have been leaked from the cancelled FIFA 22 beta, including nerfed nutmegs, heatmaps and xG stats. Naturally, much of this is coming from FIFA leaker KingLangpard. Though a reasonably accurate source, take it all with just enough salt, Goldilocks.

Directional nutmegs in FIFA 21 allowed the user to press LB and RB, then tap the direction you wanted the player to move in to perform a fairly unstoppable sprint burst. As a 1-star skill-move, pretty much any player could perform it too. Seeing it potentially be removed will be a dream for most players, since implementing a defending technique to stop it doesn't seem to be on the FUT cards.

This gets the footie nerd of the TA hut (read: me) excited. Heatmaps will allow you to see what areas of the pitch you are not having any kind of control in. It will highlight highly competitive areas while uncompetitive areas will remain see-through. If implemented, this will allow you to adjust your formation or personnel to suit areas that might have yet to be unexploited. Denmark changed up their formation to a three at the back with high-press wingbacks after ten minutes against Wales. The resulting severe and deep patriotic sadness when they battered them 4-0 came from that simple control-shifting tactical change.

xG, or expected goals, allow you to value the quality of your shots. A penalty, for example, is valued at 0.76 of a goal. Inevitably it will be used to provide a lame excuse after you — I don't know — suffer a 4-0 to Denmark. Now you can say: "yeah mate, look at the xG I should have battered you 3.31 to 0.38, heathen." If you use your head a little, xG will help you work out the most valuable shot chances that you have made so you can try and create similar efforts. Those long-range belters you keep trying? Worth 0.08 xG. Stop taking them. Work the ball and get a chance worth 0.65, instead. See that, Wales manager Rob Page? I know what's up. Hire me.

Other rumours have Alex Scott as a new commentator and a strong heading/crossing meta. Thoughts? Anything sticking out to you so far? Now, off I go to mourn Wales' loss for a little longer.
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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