Xitilon adding nearly 20,000G in more title updates soon, considering Series X|S ports

By Sean Carey,
If you've got any Xitilon games, be prepared to revisit them once more as the publisher has announced plans to add title updates to 17 of its games, each worth another 1,000G, in the coming weeks.

Castle of no Escape 2 Achievements

According to Xitilon, these new title updates haven't got specific release dates, but players can expect some in July and others following shortly after. In fact, just today, we have picked up an easy Title Update achievement list for Syncro Hedgehogs (which has only just launched) and another easy set of achievments for Smart Moves 2.

The news means that games such as Castle of no Escape, Castle of no Escape 2, Bullet Beat, and more, will be worth a whopping 4,000G each.

Since February this year, Xitilon has started porting its games over to Windows 10, and you would think the publisher would stop there. However, Xitilon has told me that it's considering Xbox Series X|S versions of these games, complete with their own separate Series X|S achievement stacks. Xitilon says these could be in players' hands by the end of the year.

Planned title updates coming soon

3,000G to 4,000G

2,000G to 3,000G

1,000G to 2,000G

Xitilon's title updates always prove to be controversial among the achievement hunting crowd, with some loving the easy Gamerscore and others saying the updates are devaluing the Gamerscore system. What are your thoughts on Xitilon's plans? Let us know in the comments below!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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