Night Book brings interactive horror to Xbox when it launches later this month

By Tom West,
Night Book is an interactive horror movie that follows the story of a pregnant translator who unleashes an evil presence in her home after being tricked by a new client. Your choices will determine the fate of her family when the game releases on July 27th.

We’ve all watched horror movies and shouted at the TV every time one of the characters does something daft, muttering to ourselves about how the characters have obviously never watched a horror movie before in their lives. Wales Interactive is now putting those decisions in our hands with its upcoming interactive horror/thriller, Night Book. The story will focus on Loralyn, a pregnant translator working from home who ends up being the plaything of something evil. We’ll need to make every decision for Loralyn if we are going to save her, her unborn child, and her unwell father — or make daft decisions and get them all murdered.

Night Book was filmed remotely during the recent pandemic, leaning on close-quarters filming through webcams to bring suspense and tension when following Loralyn’s story. The cast is made up of various industry veterans including Julie Dray (Cyberpunk 2077, Avenue 5) and Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Arrow, and Die Another Day). We've already picked up the achievement list which includes 17 achievements and will more than likely require multiple playthroughs to complete.

Will you experience Night Book when it launches on July 27th for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One? Let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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