Age of Empires Online: Preview Two New Empires

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
It has been awhile since we heard anything substantial about Gas Powered Games' upcoming Age of Empires Online. The Games for Windows LIVE title will be available for all to download on August 16th. As previously covered, Age of Empires Online will be free-to-play. The catch is of course, that new civilizations beyond the starter Greeks and Egyptians will set you back. Get ready for the Celts and the Persians this winter.

The Celts were, in Age of Empires 2 at least, siege weapon specialists with bonuses related to the wood resource. The Persians on the other hand, relied on elite cavalry units, with the War Elephant their stand out unit.

In addition to new civilizations, another booster pack was mentioned, the Skirmish Hall.

With our Skirmish Hall Booster, YOU control the battlefield. Customize your starting Age, your starting forces, your beginning resources, the difficulty levels, and even the number of enemies you face. Take on one, two, or three enemies at once! Set the teams and choose the maps! With this level of customization, Age of Empires Online players can create nearly endless hours of gameplay while varying the battlefield scenarios. In the Skirmish Hall, a rich and robust experience awaits you!
The first booster pack we covered was the Defense of Crete, in which you team up with friends to defend the island nation of Crete from hordes of invaders. See what I did there?

Age of Empires Online will be available on Games for Windows Live August 16th.