Rare releases Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life art showcase

By Tom West,
Rare has released a concept art showcase for Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life over on ArtStation, giving fans a closer look at the work involved to bring Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean to Sea of Thieves.

sea of thieves a pirate's life concept art showcase rare

There’s no doubt that Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life looks phenomenal and many of you have now delved into the new tale to seek out adventures with the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow. As you can imagine, the team at Rare are extremely pleased with themselves, but instead of following the motto: “Take what you can, give nothing back,” they’ve decided to give us all a closer look at the beautiful artwork that helped merge these two pirate powerhouses — Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The showcase can be found on ArtStation where the Rare team touches on using Pirates of the Caribbean as a firm source of inspiration when developing the project back in 2014. “These stories are rich with adventure and fun, so when our spark of an idea became a reality in 2020, we set sail on a new adventure,” says Sea of Thieves art director, Ryan Stevenson. “Working with Disney to bring beloved characters and moments from their world into ours has felt unreal and wondrous.”

sea of thieves a pirate's life concept art showcase rare

The journey hasn't been an easy ride by any stretch either, with the ongoing issues around Covid-19 and the pandemic bringing complications to the development process. Stevenson notes the challenges of home working like tech issues, muted moments, and lag — something we’ve seen mirrored throughout the industry — but the team still managed to deliver their vision “in creating fun, rich, stylised art.”

Have you been sailing the high seas, diving into the Coral Kingdom, and sharing pirate tales with Captain Jack Sparrow? Let us know down below!
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