Adventure anthology Last Stop gets three new trailers

By Heidi Nicholas,
Adventure anthology Last Stop is gearing up for tomorrow's release by dropping three new trailers; one for each of its main characters. We've included all three trailers below for you to click through:

Last Stop twists together the lives of three strangers: Donna, a high school kid, Meena, a businesswoman, and John, a single dad. Each of them becomes involved with supernatural elements. For Donna, strange things start to happen when she and her friends decide to spy on their neighbour. Meena, meanwhile, is struggling to balance her work life and her personal life when she receives an offer to take a mysterious trip. John gets plunged straight into trouble when he somehow swaps bodies with his neighbour, leaving the pair of them to pretend to be each other while they search for a solution.

Last Stop is a story-rich, narrative-focused single-player experience, and launches tomorrow, July 22nd. To make things even better, it'll arrive for Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, too. If you're looking for more Last Stop info to tide you over, check out our Xbox Indie Spotlight on Last Stop. Will you be picking Last Stop up tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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