GTA Online car meet Crews highlighted by Rockstar

By Tom West,
Rockstar Games highlights six of GTA Online’s Crews that specialise in setting up car meets, in light of GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners rolling out to players.

gta online car meet crews highlight

It’s no secret that Los Santos is rife with a thriving criminal underworld and the LSPD is struggling to keep up with the gang violence, robberies, carjackings, murders, and everything in between. But surely, it’s not all violence and mayhem? Not at all — in fact, Rockstar Games decided to highlight six Crews who would rather put ‘pedal to the metal’ instead of ‘finger on the trigger.’ Their gameplay is about to be filled out even more now that GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners is live, adding a wide selection of content for in-game car fanatics. Check out the crews below:


A Crew celebrating five years of car meet goodness, Gangstance has held many gatherings over the course of its history. The members have customised hundreds of vehicles and displayed them for all to see over on the Gangstance Twitter page.

Meets After Dark

Meets After Dark is an invite-only Crew that focuses on player creativity as well as car meets, challenging its members to think outside the box when travelling around Los Santos. Each of the Crew’s car meets take on entirely different themes, from SUVs to colourful Cuban Car Culture-themed meets.

Flush Family

Hella Flush hosts the Flush Family’s car meets and has since 2017. The meets are uploaded to Hella Flush’s YouTube channel and include videos like the Best of Show competition that tasks players with voting on a series of custom rides.

gta online car meet crews highlight

VIP Social Club

The VIP Social Club Crew sets standards of excellence when it comes to organising car meets around Los Santos. The members here enjoy vehicles that embody exclusivity, luxury, and wealth but aren’t afraid to let loose and roll around in some vibrantly coloured low-riders. Head to the Crew’s Facebook page to see some of the awesome content they create, as well as the live streams every Monday and Wednesday.

GTA Car Lifestyle

Coming straight out of the Netherlands, GTA Car Lifestyle is all about realism when customising vehicles. You’ll see the Crew's members cruising in supercars and classic sports cars, or you can just head to their Instagram and see it all there.


Despite only being around for a little over a year, MobWorks has quickly become known for its chilled-out meetups and presence on social media. Head over to their Instagram for a good look at everything they do!

Shoutout to everyone involved with these crews for bringing positivity to the community. Does your GTA Online Crew need highlighting in some way? Let us know down below!
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