Recompile launches into Xbox Game Pass on August 19th

By Heidi Nicholas,
Recompile, a "metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure game," launches for Xbox Series X|S on August 19th, joining Xbox Game Pass as a day one addition. Check out the new story trailer below:

In Recompile, we play as a sentient virus living in The Mainframe and trying to escape being deleted. Intriguingly, the Recompile site says the entire narrative takes place "within one second of real time." Our aim is "to repair the Mainframe from the inside: bypass broken areas, power up dead zones, and restore fragments of data. But don’t forget to override any Security AI… Before they override you." We can choose a violent approach, or a hacking playstyle, and will be armed with a deletion rifle and abilities such as dash attacks. Don't worry, the hacking approach has lots of bonuses too — everything is hackable, meaning you can even hack security programs to help you out.

Recompile looks all kinds of gorgeous, and it launches next month for Xbox Series X|S, joining Xbox Game Pass on day one. What do you think of Recompile? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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