Apex Legends character trailer shows off new Legend Seer's abilities

By Heidi Nicholas,
A character trailer for Seer has just dropped, showing off the new Legend in action and detailing his abilities. Seer arrives with Apex Legends: Emergence on August 3rd.

"Before his birth, it was foretold that Seer would bring pain and suffering to the world," EA says, describing how Seer was viewed as a cursed child. "His parents... loved him unconditionally because they saw the true empathic, creative soul of their son." They supported him when he went to the Arenas, where he soon gained a following. "At first, the crowds felt unsure of him. But over time, with each victory, the power inside him grew, and with it, his strength in the Arena. And as his reputation began to precede him, a strange thing happened… The people in the crowd who were downtrodden, outcast, and forgotten — they saw themselves in Seer."

Seer's tactical ability is Focus of Attention, which allows him to deploy micro-drones "to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls interrupting and revealing enemies." His passive ability, Heart Seeker, lets him hear enemy heartbeats, and his ultimate ability, Exhibit, uses micro-drones to "reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons."

Seer joins Apex Legends with Emergence on August 3rd.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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