FIFA 22 gameplay extensively detailed in developer blog

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
FIFA 22's release is nearing, and we finally have the long-promised 'Gameplay Deep-Dive' Pitch Notes that give us a proper look at exactly what is in this year's kit bag. Strap in for nerdy footie stuff.

This video above is just one of many technical details in the Pitch Notes for FIFA 22. The log gives us a proper look at how the game will feel outside of the normal marketing spiel, complete with videos and screenshots. If you are interested in FIFA, then you really should head on over to the full Pitch Notes as the post is more packed than a 2014/15-era Mourinho defence.

All of the key phrases — Hypermotion, machine learning, new in-game stats, air battles, etc — are given a proper and thorough review. Though we would recommend looking at our Play-by-Play for a detailed breakdown of the earlier trailers and we will start producing guides on all the new FIFA 22 stuff in the coming weeks. The developers state that there were three aims for all the new changes:

  • Refreshing as many gameplay areas as possible, based on feedback, in order to create a more authentic and polished FIFA experience for all players.
  • Fairness - Improve situations that could have felt frustrating from a gameplay perspective. Our aim is to reward players for performing the right action at the right time. For example, this includes situations like being able to defend the Bridge or a dribble with clever positioning.
  • Increase gameplay variety in order to enable a greater number of viable playstyles. We are looking to make the on-pitch action more diverse than before so that there is no single “best way” to play.
It cannot be overstated how refreshing this openness feels after years of lacklustre presentations filled with nonsensical jargon. Here, at least, the devs are labelling that nonsensical terminology in ways that are understandable and look as though they will improve the game. Though, we need to wait and see how the meta plays on day one, as patches have been the bane of interesting differentiating features between each yearly update.

Let us know what you think of the changes and/or developers approach in the comments below!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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