Smite is about to unleash the daughter of Poseidon, Charybdis

By Tom West,
Players will soon be able to play as Poseidon’s daughter, the hunter Charybdis, when she joins Smite as a playable character in the next update.

The Greek girl-monster who also happens to be the daughter of Poseidon, Charybdis, is set to join the game imminently. Her entrance to the game will be announced during the Update Show on Smite’s Twitch channel later today at 12pm PST/3pm ET/8pm BST.

Charybdis controls a growth that’s a thing of nightmares, called The Maw, and can disappear from the battlefield in whirlpools. Using the Tide just like her father, Charybdis can gain power to unleash devastating attacks on her enemies — she’ll also be teaming up with her sister Scylla in spirit, so that ought to be fun.

Let us know what you think about this new hunter, and whether you’ll be putting on a raincoat to play with her!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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