PES 2012 Teammate Control Feature Detailed

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Just over a week ago, Konami released a deluge of trailers focusing on the different aspects of gameplay in the latest instalment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES 2012. Now they have revealed details on the new Teammate Control system, which allows gamers to have "complete control over secondary players while the runner has the ball".

One of the previous trailers detailed Off The Ball Control, where any player could be targeted and controlled in every dead ball situation. Here is that trailer again:

Teammate Control allows players to have a greater amount of freedom than in the above system, and gamers press the right analogue stick in the direction of the player that they wish to control. The system then works in two ways:

Assisted mode
This allows gamers to get used to the increased level of control by making use of the game's "effective running movements". The second player is activated by pressing the right analogue stick.

Manual mode
Gamers have complete freedom of movement with the second player, so that they can make their own shuttle runs, find space themselves, and shake off marking players before calling for a pass. Again, the second player is activated by pressing the right analogue stick, but the player will only revert back to computer control once the stick is released. This mode can also be used to override any AI modes that with which the gamer doesn't agree. Players can make moves without waiting for a pass to be completed.

Konami has also released details of several other gameplay improvements and inclusions, some of which will have been covered previously too:

• Active AI system - players track attackers more effectively, but don't compromise the shape of the team. Defenders press and jostle to win the ball, and attackers can use upper body feints and movements.
• Penalties have been reworked - they now use a camera from behind the penalty taker, and players can determine the power, position and placement of each kick.
• Shooting has been enhanced - various player attributes, along with the timing, pace of the ball and position of the striker's body to the ball, are now taken into account to produce less "wild, ballooned efforts".
• Shot feints return - the player can move so that the goalkeeper commits to the save, while the player can reposition for a better shot.
• Player reaction times have been shaved.
• Flow-block motions and changes to the player hit point elements have meant a three-frame improvement in player animation response times - players are quicker to chase down balls, amend runs or take on defenders.
• The speed of players whilst turning has been improved - quick movements are "more fluid and natural".
• Control is no longer lost when a player loses possession of the ball, with players recovering quickly when stumbling to make it possible to reclaim the ball, or close the ground when tracking back.
• Challenge training mode returns - players can work hard on their attacking and defending skills, as well as completing dribbling tests, set-piece challenges, or various shooting tasks.
• Graphics have been refined so that gamers can "see players sweating, their neck muscles tensing as they call for the ball and bark orders to each other, and the muscles in their mouths and around their eyes contract to show the emotions the players are experiencing."
• Dynamic lighting creates shadow and reflects light from players' eyes in true real-time.
• Referees governing UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches will now wear the official UEFA Champions League uniforms.
• The circumstances surrounding each match will be accurately represented, with players warming up before a match, grounds men preparing the pitch as the players wait in the tunnel, and managers patrolling the touchline as camera cranes pan in closer.
• Players will pick the ball up in readiness of a throw-in.
• Players will react to the method of challenge, and will stumble or fall depending on the severity of the tackle.

PES 2012 is scheduled for a Fall / Autumn release.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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