New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Sherlock Holmes is the main suspect in a particularly tricky investigation, where theft, fraud and double-crossings play a significant part. Not being able to prove his own innocence, Holmes finds his famous flat on Baker Street is being turned upside down, as the police search for evidence to prove his guilt. These new screenshots give players another insight into the new investigation in The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock.

22/7/11 Screenshot 1

22/7/11 Screenshot 2

22/7/11 Screenshot 3

22/7/11 Screenshot 4

As a bonus, here are a couple of older screenshots that we haven't covered before:

22/7/11 Screenshot 5

22/7/11 Screenshot 6

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock is due to be released in late 2011.
Rebecca Smith
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