New Rabbids: Alive & Kicking Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Ubisoft never tend to miss an opportunity to produce another Raving Rabbids trailer. This year's Comic-Con in San Diego is no exception, leaving one of Marvel's superheroes to get the Rabbid treatment. This spoof of Captain America shows the Rabbids finding imaginative uses for a trash can / dustbin lid, and some underwear.

If that wasn't enough for you, have a look at their take on a famous protagonist from the world of literature. If gameplay is more your thing, check out the announcement trailer.

Rabbids: Alive & Kicking is due to be released on November 3rd in Australia, November 4th in Europe, and November 8th in North America. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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