New Staff Appointments

By Cee Jay, 7 years ago
Hi all,

Firstly, I would like to welcome Richard Bastion as our new Site Help Manager. This is a new role that will be in charge of our Help Pages. More about those and how you can be involved coming soon. In the meantime he will also have moderator access to the Site Help Forum where he will endeavour to be as helpful as possible.

The relative success of our first charity event which raised over $2000 for Child’s Play has given us a taste of what can be achieved by our community. To continue the good work I’m creating the Community and Events Team, led by manager Chad and Jessie this team will be made up from mainly existing staff and will be in charge of organising and running all future site events, competitions and charity events.

At this point it's still in development stage, but in the future if you have an idea you can go to the Community and Events Team and they’ll make it happen, letting you have your say and keeping you informed of your ideas progress.

Now for the new staff appointments, firstly the new Newshounds

Nexus Grunt

And finally the new members of the Content Team

Crimson Drifter
dropK1CK ninJA
LV 1 Blue Slime
Ryot Control
Cheese Touch
Confused Shelf
The Chuck Chuck
Shadow Enz
The Splintercat

To those that got selected, congratulations and good luck! To those who were not selected, thanks for applying you made this no easy task.

Thanks all,

Clever Jake
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
Admin, Moderation Manager and longest serving staff member, also a member of the Community and Events Team and host of the annual Game of the Year Awards. Likes RPG's and good stories, hates anything multiplayer.