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By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Until recently, Trials HD had got the Xbox LIVE Arcade motorcross market all to itself. However, this summer will see the game receive a competitor in the form of KONAMI's Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. The new challenger will instead focus on the professional side of freestyle motorcross (FMX), and especially the events of the 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

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Players will take on the role of one of the "world's best FMX elite riders" as they compete across six locations on the tour. As they travel across London, Mexico City, Madrid, Rome, Moscow and Giza, players will launch themselves from huge ramps in an attempt to pull off amazing tricks whilst reaching heights of up to 40ft in the air.

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Players can take on four main game modes: ‘Show Off’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Time Trial’ and, ‘Performer’. This is in addition to two additional "hidden" modes, whose details remain hidden for now. The riders appearing in the game from the 2010 tour include US rider Nate Adams, Aussie-based Robbie Maddison, Eigo Sato from Japan, Swiss national Mat Rebeaud, the Spaniard Dany Torres (ESP) and Levi Sherwood of New Zealand.

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Players will have to perfect the use of acceleration, braking and balance to perform the best stunts. Success will come with a place on the Xbox LIVE Arcade leaderboard, as well as the achievements of course.

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Martin Schneider, General Manager for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, had this to say about their upcoming release:

KONAMI is thrilled to be bringing Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, one of the hottest extreme sports franchises out there to the real gaming space. The potential that both KONAMI and Red Bull have on a global scale is endless and we can’t wait to see how fans of both brands respond to the game.
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The barrage of screenshots continues with this group, which were released with the game's announcement:

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Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour is due to hit XBLA this summer. A price is yet to be confirmed.
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