UK Deal Roundup for July 26th, 2011

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Before we get into the usual nitty-gritty, I have some bad news. Unfortunately, I'm away on holiday over the next two weeks, so it won't be me bringing the UK deals to you. We will be posting the articles as usual on August 2nd and August 9th, but they will not go into quite so much detail, and you may have to do a bit of legwork yourselves to make full use of the information. Normal service will resume on August 16th.

As usual you need to click on the name of the retailer or the name of the deal to be taken straight to the retailer’s offer page. Further details on the deals, including the best pick of the sale items, can be found in the ‘details here’ link, which will take you back to the relevant UK deal roundup that described the sale in more detail. Clicking on the name of a game will take you to the achievement list.

To start off the new sales of the week, Amazon are holding a Disney Summer Sale. Although only two Xbox 360 titles are included in the list, the retailer currently has the cheapest price for Tron: Evolution at £11.65. is a new addition to our retailers this week, and they start off with a list of Special Offers:
Assassin's Creed II - £8.99
Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) - £7.99
Bionic Commando - £4.99
Fracture - £7.99
Ninja Blade - £5.99
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - £6.99
Project Gotham Racing 3 - £8.99
Viva Piñata - £5.99
Wheelman - £4.99

HMV are still running the promotion where game prices start from £9.99, but it is now called Summer Fest and involves different titles. The best picks are Homefront for £12.99 and Dungeon Siege III Limited Edition for £17.99.

Sainsburys are running a ‘PC Games from £3.99’ sale. Although the vast majority of titles are not Games for Windows LIVE titles, the offer does include Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) for just £3.99.

The Weekly Specials at do have some titles that remain from last week. However, more join the list:
Le Tour de France 2011 - £23.86
F.E.A.R. 3 - £27.85
Shadows of the Damned - £28.85
Child of Eden - £19.85
Dragon Age II - £15.85
Madden NFL 11 - £14.86

The Star Buys at pretty much remain the same as last week, although there is one more notable addition:
Duke Nukem Forever - £19.85
• Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console is still £124.85
Guitar Hero: Van Halen is still £5.86
Wanted: Weapons of Fate - £8.86
Rise of the Argonauts is also still £7.85
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (game only) - £6.85

Tesco are offering LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean for just £25 if you pre-order Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on blu-ray. As a deal of the week as well, they are offering DiRT 3 for just £19.90. are running a series of smaller sales with specific categories. The Disney sale gets its first reminder later in this article, but this is the first mention of the Fitness Games sale. This category sees UFC Personal Trainer at £29.85. Our third category is the Kinect games - Sports Island Freedom is £17.85 here.

Our fourth and final category is the Action Games. There are more games included in this category, therefore there are more bargains:
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - £9.85
Fight Night Champion - £17.85
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 - £9.85
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Limited Edition - £17.85
Dead Space 2 - £17.85
Crysis 2 - £23.85
Mass Effect 3 Standard Edition - £37.85 pre-order
Max Payne 3 - £37.85 pre-order
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier - £34.85 pre-order

Here are the most recently covered continuing sales:
Amazon’s game bargains still sees the price of Crackdown 2 continue to fluctuate. This week it’s at £7.16 with free UK postage.
GAME continues ‘The GAME Sale’, while sister store GamePlay runs their Summer Sale, and Gamestation runs ‘The Big Sale’ – details here.’s Summer Clearance sale started last week, but the number of titles has now dropped to 37 Xbox titles and two GfWL titles – details here.
• The two games for £25 offer continues at, and is also running at sister store Zavvi – reminder here.
• The Great Value Gaming sale at, also known as Great Value Games at sister store Zavvi, continues on – reminder here.
• The Summer Sale at Toys R Us continues - details here.
• The Summer Sale at Zavvi still continues - reminder here.

To start off our reminder section, are still offering two games for £25, but the list of titles has changed since last week. Players can mix and match games across platforms if they so choose, and the discount is applied at the checkout. This is a list of titles included in the sale that can not currently be bought for cheaper than £12.50:
SoulCalibur IV
Deadly Premonition
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
Naval Assault: The Killing Tide
Toy Story 3’s offer of two games for the price of £20 continues, and the number of titles seems to have stabilised. As such, I thought that it was worth a reminder despite the sale only reaching its third week. Players can mix and match games across platforms if they so choose. This is a list of titles included in the sale that can not currently be bought for cheaper than £10:
Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360)
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) Gold Edition
Fighters Uncaged
Battlestations: Pacific
Fable II
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy
Ninety-Nine Nights II

Sainsburys’ “Xbox Games From £5.99” offer enters another week. The best picks see The Bourne Conspiracy at £6.99, Superstars V8: Next Challenge at £8.99, and SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection at £9.99.

Finally,’s sale on Disney games continues. Disney Sing It (game only, despite the picture) is available for £4.45, and High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance with dance mat is available for £14.85.

All prices were correct at the time of writing.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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