Here are the Sonic Colors Ultimate Xbox achievements

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Sonic Colors Ultimate achievement list.

There are 46 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
A Student Get An "A" Rank Or Higher On Any Act 15
...All I Got Is This Tropical Resort T-Shirt Complete Tropical Resort 20
Sugar Rush Complete Sweet Mountain 20
What Happens In The Starlight Carnival... Complete Starlight Carnival 20
Be Free Complete Planet Wisp 20
Bucket O' Sushi Complete Aquarium Park 20
Zero Gravity Thrill Ride Complete Asteroid Coaster 20
I Foiled A Plot And I Liked It Complete Terminal Velocity 30
Superstar Collect All 180 Red Star Rings 50
The Complete Set Collect All 5 Red Star Rings In Any Level 20
My Body Is A Weapon Destroy 50 Enemies Using Homing Attacks 20
Going Green! Collect The Green Chaos Emerald 10
A Day In The Sun Collect The Yellow Chaos Emerald 10
Silver Certificate Collect The Silver Chaos Emerald 10
Big Red Rock Collect The Red Chaos Emerald 10
Color Of Royalty Collect The Purple Chaos Emerald 10
Blue Me Away! Collect The Blue Chaos Emerald 10
What's A Cyan?! Collect The Cyan Chaos Emerald 10
Flying Low Finish Any Act As Super Sonic 10
Ooooh Shiny! Get An "S" Rank On Any Act 30
Destroyer! Destroy 100 Enemies Using Homing Attacks 10
Take That, Me! Beat A Previous Personal Best On Any Level 15
Why Are Records Made? To Be BROKEN! Set A Personal Best, And Then Break All Of The Numbers On The Results Screen 15
Reach For The Stars Grab All 5 Red Star Rings In One Run On Any Act 30
Harder Than You Think Complete Any Act Without Picking Up Any Rings 30
Tropical Domination Get 100% In Tropical Resort 20
The Taste Of Perfection Get 100% In Sweet Mountain 20
Carnival Of Completion Get 100% In Starlight Carnival 20
Wisp It, Wisp It Good! Get 100% In Planet Wisp 20
Soaked In Excellence Get 100% In Aquarium Park 20
Interstellar Coaster Crusher Get 100% In Asteroid Coaster 20
Running The Gauntlet Get 100% In Terminal Velocity 20
Precious Collect 300 Rings In One Run 30
Crunching The Captain Defeat Captain Jelly With Less Than 3 Hits 30
Stay On Target Destroy 100 Enemies Using Sweet Spot Homing Attacks 20
Long Haul Complete Egg Shuttle 30
Handing Out Shiners Defeat Rotatatron With Less Than 3 Hits 30
Fast As A Shark Defeat Admiral Jelly With Less Than 3 Hits 30
Eye Of The Hedgehog Defeat Refreshinator With Less Than 3 Hits 30
Putting A Spin On The Negative Get An "S" Rank Against Nega-Wisp Armor 50
Crashing The Party Barge Get An "S" Rank Against Frigate Orcan 30
Smash N' Grab Get An "S" Rank Against Frigate Skullian 30
Breaking Ranks Break Every Rank From D To S On The Results Screen 15
No Ring Left Behind Collect All 30 Red Star Rings From Any Area 50
Giving Credits Where Credits Due Play Through The Credits Level 10
Steppin' Up Score 100,000 Points In One Run Using Quick Step 10
Sonic Colors Ultimate is developed by Blind Squirrel Games and published by SEGA, and is scheduled to be released on September 7th, 2021.
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