Crown Trick is now available with Xbox Game Pass

By Heidi Nicholas,
If you're looking for your next roguelike RPG, you might want to give Crown Trick a try — especially as it joins Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC today.

Crown Trick takes place in the Nightmare Realm, and tasks you with mastering the elements in order to fight your way through the labyrinth. From the sound of things, Crown Trick will try its hardest to defeat you — the levels are procedurally-generated so each run is different, and to ensure you don't try and sneak your way through, you'll be locked inside each dungeon room so that you have to face the creatures inside it. Every so often, you'll also run into elite boss monsters armed with rare skills called Familiars. Combat is turn-based and "moves as you move," so you'll at least have as long as you need to decide how to manage things.

Crown Trick cropped up on the list of upcoming Xbox Game Pass additions, and will be followed up on September 9th by Breathedge for Cloud, console, and PC, and Nuclear Throne and The Artful Escape for console and PC. Will you be playing Crown Trick today? Which Xbox Game Pass addition are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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