Red Dead Online's Free Roam Missions are paying double RDO$

By Heidi Nicholas,
Red Dead Online's latest bonuses include double rewards for Call to Arms and double RDO$ in Free Roam Missions, along with new discounts and items for sale.

red dead online bonus

Over on the latest newswire, Rockstar says "towns are overrun with hordes of attackers and your skills are in heavy demand. Station yourself and your allies as you prepare to gun down waves of armed assailants in a range of locations," with Call to Arms paying out double RDO$ and XP. Free Roam Missions are handing out double RDO$ until September 13th, meanwhile, and the devs add, "With crime on the rise, make sure to empty out the pockets of the fallen in all Gang Hideouts, Blood Money Crimes, and Free Roam Missions to find more Capitale than usual this week."

This week's bonuses include five Gold Bars off the price of the Bounty Hunter Licence, 30% off role pamphlets, and 40% off Role Gun Belts, Breton Horses, stirrups, spurs, and ammo. The Zapatero outfit and the Bandit Mask are also back and available for purchase. The Quick Draw Club No. 3 is out today too, and Rockstar says you can earn back the cost of it by ranking up across 25 Ranks — "plus earn you access to special bonuses, rare items such as a new Knife Variant and a unique Hairstyle, and more." If you buy all four of The Quick Draw Club, you'll get the second Halloween Pass for free.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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