Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks offering Fallout 1st trial for Fallout 76

By Tom West,
Fallout 76’s subscription model, Fallout 1st, has been added as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk, with Ultimate members able to claim one month of the premium subscription for free.

xbox game pass ultimate perks fallout 76 1st

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have access to various perks that offer them trials to subscription services like Disney+ and in-game cosmetic items. The newest edition to the service comes from Fallout 76 (thanks, Windows Central), Bethesda’s mass multiplayer game set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Microsoft is offering Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members a month’s trial of Fallout 1st on Xbox consoles and Windows PC, the game’s premium subscription model.

Fallout 1st gives subscribers additional in-game benefits in the way of private matchmaking, exclusive cosmetic items, an in-game currency called “Atoms,” and more. Generally priced at $13 per month, this is a great time for anyone interested in the game to see what is available to them as a paying customer, without spending a penny.

What perks would you like to see as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member in the future? Let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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