Madden NFL 12 Introduces Communities

By Lexley Ford, 8 years ago
In an attempt to make the online experience of Madden NFL 12 less frustrating than in previous titles, the people at EA have come up with the idea of Communities.

At its core, Communities is similar to clans in a first person shooter. Madden NFL 12 will allow you and up to 2000 other like-minded gamers to create or join a Community where you can play head-to-head games against each other.
Players will have the opportunity to create or join up to five different Communities where games will be ranked on Community Leaderboards; also, individual stats will be tracked and recent game results will be displayed for the Community to see.

On top of that, the creator of a Community will be able to create a set of house rules and be able to change any and all of the game rules to how they see fit.

Whether or not this new system will help reduce the stress of finding good games is yet to be seen, but it is good to see EA trying to improve their online experience.

Madden NFL 12 is due for release on 30th August 2011.

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Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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