The Medium, Darq, and Observer: System Redux release as horror bundle

By Tom West,
Bloober Team and Feardemic have teamed up to launch the Ultimate Horror Bundle on Xbox, featuring the Xbox Series X|S versions of Observer: System Redux, The Medium, and Darq: Complete Edition.

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We are now creeping closer to the spooky season, and in anticipation of the ghoulishly good holiday, Bloober Team and Feardemic have released the Ultimate Horror Bundle. Available to purchase now, the bundle includes Bloober Team’s dual-reality horror hit, The Medium. Travelling to Poland in 1999, the game’s protagonist Marianne must find out what is happening at an abandoned resort — by looking through the eyes of spirits. The game has a solid user rating of 3.9 stars here on TA, which is reflected in our official review, where we gave it a 7/10.

Bloober Team also features again, this time transporting us to the future in the cyberpunk thriller, Observer: System Redux. Taking on the role of detective Daniel Lazarski, we’re tasked with travelling deep into the human psyche to solve crimes. Sporting a 4.2 user rating, Observer: System Redux is a great addition to this bundle.

The Medium + Observer: System Redux + DARQ: Complete Edition — Bundle

The Medium + Observer: System Redux + DARQ: Complete Edition — Bundle

The Ultimate Horror Bundle. Use your psychic abilities to uncover the disturbing secrets of The Medium, become a neural police detective in the dark cyberpunk world of Observer: System Redux, and bend gravity inside the lucid nightmares of DARQ: Complete Edition.

The trio of horror titles is wrapped up by Feardemic’s Darq: Complete Edition, which includes both of the game's DLC packs. Travelling into a young boy’s dreams, players will need to bend the laws of physics to outsmart complex puzzles in an attempt to escape the horrifying dream world. Darq currently has a solid four-star user rating and is a sure-fire way to ensure you have some sleepless nights.

The Ultimate Horror Bundle can be purchased now for £74.99/$89.99/€89.99 and includes the Xbox Series X|S upgrades for all three titles. Will you be delving into this triple pack of nightmares? Shriek about it below!
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