Brothers in Arms is making a return, confirms Gearbox CEO

By Tom West,
Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that a new Brothers in Arms game is currently in development, while speaking on an episode of Game Maker's Notebook Podcast.

BiAHH #2 9/13/13

The last time we saw a title from the series was in 2008 when Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway launched, but it looks like the series might make an appearance again in the future. While speaking with Insomniac CEO Ted Price on an episode of Game Maker's Notebook Podcast back in April, Pitchford discusses some of the issues related to Aliens: Colonial Marines due to Fox and Sega announcing the game too early, noting that “The second you hear Gearbox and Aliens and Unreal Engine, everybody already decided the game in their head.” This was something he says was rectified when announcing Borderlands 3, saying, “I didn’t even announce Borderlands 3 until it was in beta.”

While discussing the way he handles games now, Pitchford states that Gearbox is "working on another Brothers In Arms game," but he refuses to talk about it until it's in a showable condition, saying, "we have fans that really love that [series], but they’re just going to have to suffer.”

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Tom West
Written by Tom West
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