Scorn potentially delayed to 2022

By Tom West,
The recent press release from Kepler Interactive details the business model of the "Super-Developer" and the planned 2022 game releases from its seven founding studios, including Ebb Software’s upcoming horror title, Scorn.

Scorn Xbox Game Pass

The press release that was recently released detailing Kepler’s business model also mentions the titles expected to release next year. Interestingly, Ebb Software’s upcoming horror game, Scorn, is also classed as a 2022 release. This isn’t an official announcement of a delay, but considering that Microsoft recently said the game will be joining Xbox Game Pass on October 12th, and we’re yet to see or hear anything new from the studio with just over two weeks to go, a 2022 release doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

"The 2022 slate includes hotly anticipated titles such as Sloclap’s Sifu, Ebb Software’s Scorn, Awaceb’s Tchia, Alpha Channel’s Tankhead, and an unannounced title by A44," the statement reads.

Kepler Interactive uses a unique business model when compared to other developers in the industry. Self-titled as a Super-Developer, Kepler offers studio founders a position as co-owner of the group, giving them the empowerment to decide on key strategic decisions, and even bring new studios into the collective. The executive team behind Kepler is led by the award-winning fund, Kowloon Nights, which has funded the collective upwards of $100 million.

"When we founded Kowloon Nights, our goal was to support the next generation of independent developers," says Kepler Interactive’s CEO, Alexis Garavaryan. "The evolution of that work is now Kepler, which takes the developer‑first approach a major leap forward in terms of scale and empowerment."

We’ve reached out to Ebb Software’s PR team for confirmation.

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Tom West
Written by Tom West
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